How to Make WiFi Signals Strong

A day without internet is likewise day without light; and better speed of internet is first factor that keeps attention of users towards their goals. Speed lags of WiFi can make the user worrisome by getting worthwhile time in troubleshooting because most of the users don’t know the accurate and shortest way to fix the snags. Making speed of WiFi internet is no brainer, it’s as simple as pie.
New subscriber of WiFi service must go to better router because first quality router hardware will keep the signal propagation streamlined whereas cheap router would be reason of signals distortion and manual troubleshoot will also be in vain.

7 Simple Steps to Make WiFi Signals Strong

We will share 6 simple ways to make signals of WiFi more strengthen.

Is Router at Right Place?

WiFi signals like to move smoothly. Obstacles and walls against their propagation make them weak. Keep changing place of router and meanwhile keep checking optimized speed of WiFi at your workstation and select the place for router where you find more speed. Obstacles and walls also hinder the smooth propagation of signals so always keep this factor in mind.

Apps Can Make WiFi Signals Strong

Right browser apps can make your browsing experience better, so always chose perfect browser that may deliver you tailored material as per speed of internet. We would always recommend APUS Browser for you in order to let you feel much faster browsing experience than before. APUS Browser shows only text material in case your WiFi/internet speed is slow because you can use it at either “Speed Manner” or at “Zero Image Manner”.

Keep Updating Your Firmware

Router service provider are more conscious to your needs so they keep updating the router firmware frequently. Updating firmware can help you fix the speed snags more quickly, on the other end in case firmware updating does not accelerate speed, it fortifies the privacy and improves other
browsing aspects.

Find Place Having Strong Signals

Use one of the best applications that track you location at your home/office where signals strength is up or feeble as well. Assia’s Cloudcheck app can be used at android device, it can show the area at your office/home where signals strength is more than other area. Using likewise app is worthwhile way to place router at place from signals may propagate smoothly to your workstation.

Select Appropriate WiFi Channel

Do you know that routers have multiple channels? It may be possible that more users are using same channels; it would surely cause congestion and internet signals will go through retardations so try changing channel, you will observe optimum difference in WiFi speed after this activity.

When did you Restart your Router?

Restarting router boosts the speed of internet, so always remember to restart router at least a day.
Do you know lifecycle of good modem is not more than 5 years; if your router has completed this span then go for new modem. Don’t throw the old one away bevause it is still useful because it can be added with new one to extend the range of WiFi signals.

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