Top 3 Ways to Rank High In A Search Engine Result 2017

(1)Do you write articles that are having high CPC?

(2)Is Your blog is full of high-rank keywords?

(3) Is your income based on those keywords?

Then you should have a high page rank in major search engines for those specific keywords. Getting your site on the very first page in Google isn’t that hard. All you have to do is making a good SEO and unique content.

Even though you have unique content, sometimes your site lag to rank high in the search engines. This is all because of you didn’t follow some pragmatic ways to rank high.
If you are targeting the specific group of keywords, on which your income is depended, then trust me I’m here to tell you the easiest and 100% working methods to rank high in search engines.
Follow this complete guide to finding out the tools and tricks that lead you to see your site on the first page of the search engine results.

How are Keywords well optimized for better ranking?

You write a high-quality content focusing on a specific keyword and optimize for SEO by following some SEO tips and tricks. Like Putting your focus keyword in the title and repeating the same focus keyword in the content for many times, image tags with the same focus keyword etc. If you pick the keyword that is specific in your niche and you write so many articles on the same keyword and your blog is well optimized for SEO then your blog/website rank somewhere in the top 20 results.
The first thing you should know is search engine bots are highly sophisticated now. The recent updates of Google Search Engine like PANDA update, it checks for the quality of content you produced on your article. It’s not about the quality of SEO, but it’s about your quality of content you wrote. How many times do you repeat the keyword? it only brings you from lakhs of results to top 30 or top 20. But you won’t be ranked high beyond top 20 unless you have unique, useful and comprehensive content.

Rank high in a search engine result involves these things like, for example, nowadays almost every blogger knows the basics like how to optimize their posts for the SEO and to rank high. So you are one among them. There are more than 20lakh blogs concentrating on the same niche in which we both are in. So imagine how hard it is to rank high among them.
But don’t worry. Here are the friend and guide for you to help you out in ranking high in the search engines. Follow these simple tweaks to stand ahead of your competitors.

#1: Write your content with More Keywords:

Concentrating on a particular keyword in a single post isn’t enough these days. Write more and more articles on the same keyword. The major search engine giants like Google, are looking for the content which includes more keywords related to the same niche. Try to include keywords as many as that are relevant to your niche in every post. Interlink every post with another post by concentrating on the focus keywords.
You should know some of the tools like Google keyword suggestion tool and Soolve to expand similarly and related keywords belong to your niche.
These tools will expand your keyword list. Then include those in your content at the best fits.

SOOLVE Keyword Suggestion Tool:

Soolve is a keyword suggestion tool that research and give you list of keywords from multiple sources like Amazon, Yahoo answers,, Bing, Wikipedia, YouTube and
Google Image alt tags. It gives you an outline that how people are searching the same keyword on different platforms. If you are reviewing any product or service then this results will help you to rank your site high on all search engines.

Google Keyword Planner:

It’s like a demigod Free online tool that is helping millions of bloggers online every day. This tool generates keywords only from its search engine results. The results include related keywords on YouTube, Google images. But the keyword results are highly ranked and you’ll get hundreds of results concentrating on the same keyword.

If you already published content and want to rank high, then you must include new keywords in the sub-headings or add some content for those keywords. Updating your old posts with new keywords and immediately publishing on the social media is the best strategy. If you get so many backlinks then believe your update is worthy. This will help your blog to rank high in a search engine result.

#2: Understand Entities:

Entities are nothing but Independent People, Brands, Organizations and Places associated with the same keyword you use. Now, every search engine is focusing on entities for every keyword.
For better understanding, consider an example. If you are reviewing some product or service, the search results from the first page consist of the product original organization.

For example, If you are reviewing about Hosting Service of a Hosting company like Hostgator, then if anybody does a search like “Hostgator Review 2016” web page then you’ll get all the results with reviewing hosting of Hostgator in several sites and also you’ll get one search result of the or web page of Hostgator Organization.

The new update of Google concentrating on these entities. This will help to find out the original organization in the search results. As you know Google revenue 66% is from ads. So any organization or places or people who are associated with Google AdWords, then they will get the top rank in search results.

Google bots search your content whether your content is linked with the original organization or not. If they are linked, then your page will get a high rank. It is the best way to rank high in a search engine result.

#3: Try to answer the Queries related to your niche:

There are thousands of questions revolving around you in the same niche. You can see so many blogs that are built only to solve queries of the readers.  If you really want your blog to rank high in a search engine result then you must solve the queries related to your niche. Just like Quora. Why Quora is that many hits. Because of so many readers try to solve other people queries related to their niche. There you can get hundreds of solutions from various readers. Here you can find new guest post sites free

This the place where Google is concentrating these days. You got a solution to a query, then you must link your site to those questions. You might be aware of Google’s quick answer boxes. They give you instant solution whatever the query you search.

Is your content is capable of answering popular niche queries?

You may include as many as keywords in your in your content. Whenever a keyword is included in your post, it must have an independent post in your site.
Instead of solving queries of people, you may produce content with the questioning pattern with the words like
How to

 if you search in even Facebook and Twitter and other social networks for the relevant keywords. A simple trick is to search your keyword in the search bar. You may get so many Pages and Groups on Facebook. If you want to search on Twitter, simply, type the keyword and add a question mark at the end of your keyword. The results will show you the posts contain queries related to your keyword.

Final opinion:

Search engine ranking is still a complicated task. These are the top easiest ways I followed in ranking high in a search engine result.  It can’t be achieved in a single night. All you have to do is proper analyzing of keywords that you use in your content. Make sure every keyword has at least 5 posts with unique content. So keep working hard to rank high on the major search engines with these tricks.

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