Few Important SEO tips which you should know

you don’t need to submit your website into search engines

The search engines these days are using a very complex and reliable algorithm in order to submit the websites into their lists. Now, search engines add your new website or a page of the website which you created will automatically submit into the search engines.

Seek Google’s help

You don’t have to go there or email Google to get the help. It’s easy to understand all the terms and conditions of Google through their Webmaster Help Videos or Webmaster Guidelines. They define most of the things in very good way for website owners.

Google Penalties are Serious

As you probably know that Google is considered as a father of internet and they have a lot share in the search market. A penalty from Google can be serious trouble and you can lose a lot of visitors.

You are Guilty in the eyes of Google

Search engines are very strict especially Google. If they found you guilty they will give you a plenty and they won’t remove it what so ever. Because in the eyes of search engines you are the one who knows the specifics of SEO and you are guilty even if you didn’t do it.

Use Google Webmaster Tool

The Google Webmaster tool is excellent. It gives you all the details such as for what keywords your website is ranking and how many backlinks your website has. Secondly, it’s a good to understand the important tool for webmasters.

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